“If something in your life is negative, eliminate it or redefine it!” -Tim Dixon

In this episode China and Tim discuss the concept of diversification.

A lot of times we think of diversification as a financial term that has to do with stock portfolios but it is so much more than that. We can diversify our lives to bring multiple areas of passion into our lives to live more abundantly. If we are focused too much on one thing, and that thing goes south or negative, it affects all of our life. If we diversify our lives one problem will not derail us and we can put our energy into other fields of passion.

The key to successful diversification is give 100% of your effort and 100% of your focus to whatever the task at hand is. You want your hands in a bunch of different things but you want to focus on one thing at a time in the moment. That is the key to successful diversification. Commit to the moment and give the task at hand your all before moving on to the next one.

Learn how to diversify your life effectively in this episode from Tim and China and get to work!

“Diversify your life and focus on today!” -China McCarney


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