“I didn’t know who the fuck I was.” -China McCarney

In this episode Tim and China discuss the topic of Labeling.

Things are labeled in our lives from the very second we are born. We are programmed to think a certain way, look a certain way and strive for certain things. Our peers, our family and the media program us constantly to label situations, individuals or circumstances a certain way. We do not even notice that we structure our life based on these labels and get far away from our true and genuine self.

We have to analyze what our societal expectations versus our personal expectations. Are your personal expectations yours or are they what societal labels have created in your head?

Tim and China dive deep in to these concepts and give you actionable steps to make sure you are living a genuine life and taking ownership of your labels for the world. Enjoy!

“Good labels exist, you just have to create them and own them!” -Tim Dixon


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